Glass Railings

Glass railings can provide elegance and value to any property. Whether it’s for your cottage deck, a pool enclosure, or a rooftop patio, glass railings can add luxury to your property while also providing superior durability, lower maintenance, and an extended lifespan… Read More

Residential Railings

When you need railings for your home or cottage, you need designs that are durable, affordable, and won’t require constant upkeep and maintenance. Most important of all, your railings need to look great with your property. Wood railings can’t withstand extreme weather conditions…  Read More

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Commercial Railings

When it comes to designs and renovations on commercial properties, the most durable, cost-effective, and attractive solutions are required. Railings are no exception. It is important to have railings that look good, save money, and—most importantly—provide safety for … Read More

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Privacy Panels

For many homeowners, an outdoor living space is a place of solace. It allows you to enjoy your garden and landscape, soak up some sun on a warm summer afternoon or even entertain family and friends. You want to be able to enjoy the view, whatever it may be …  Read More

Cottage Railings

Leaving the city behind for a cottage country escape is a tradition that unites many. There is nothing like getting away, even if only for a few days, to experience the tranquility that is often experienced at a cottage. Investing in your cottage outdoor retreat has become a focus for cottage … Read More


Aluminum columns have become a very popular choice when it comes to home or cottage remodelling, renovation or new construction projects. Aluminum columns come in a variety of many colours that can accent your home or cottage, outdoor decor, or renovation project … Read More


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Our focus is on finding the right design for you. Once you call or email, we start by meeting with you and working together to find the right railings for your property. From residential homes to commercial properties, we offer hundreds of options to choose from. We will present you with industry-leading designs and pictures of models for different budgets and applications. We can also create custom designs suited specifically for your individual needs. Whatever the project, we will help you find the right personalized design that works.

Once you have decided on the right design for your property, our team of professionals will get started putting your project in motion. Working together, we set up prompt timelines and dates so that your project is delivered, installed, and completed according to your needs. Our focus is on meeting deadlines while providing the highest quality service. By establishing expectations and providing flexible service, we can provide the service that will leave you 100% satisfied.

This is the stage where we get to work creating your design. We determine measurements, establish a layout, and begin manufacturing your model. Unlike other competitors, we don’t ship in products from overseas. All of our manufacturing is done in house at our facility, ensuring that our products are built to the highest industry standards. By doing all of our cutting and assembly in Canada, we can provide the highest quality products that we can proudly stand behind.

Finally, we bring your project to completion. Our experienced team sets out to your property to promptly and safely install your railings (weather permitting). Our team performs installations for both residential and commercial properties throughout all of Southern Ontario, from the GTA to the Muskoka Region. By bringing the same attention to detail and quality that we do in our manufacturing, we ensure that all our installations are performed properly and to the highest standards.