Aluminum columns have become a very popular choice when it comes to home or cottage remodelling, renovation or new construction projects.

Why is it so popular?

Aluminum columns come in a variety of many colours that can accent your home or cottage, outdoor decor, or renovation project. They also have a baked-on paint, which can withstand our many changing weather conditions.

Aluminum columns can be used as a structural support for any project since they can bear weight from 8,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds depending on the size and height requirements for your specific home or cottage renovation. Aluminum columns can also be wrapped around an existing support in order to add a traditional or modern accent to complement your home or cottage’s outdoor trim or decor.

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, aluminum columns are inexpensive in comparison to other structural supports out on the market today. Aluminum columns are very easy to handle and work with because aluminum is extremely lightweight.  They also have an easy assembly and installation process.

Aluminum columns come in many styles:

  • Square and round fluted designs
  • Flat and smooth square designs
  • Classic double and triple designs

Any one of our column styles will add architectural beauty to your home or cottage and will complement that traditional or modern look you desire, all at a very affordable cost.

Smooth Flat Columns

Round Fluted Columns

Square Fluted Columns

Classic Double/Triple Columns

Square Columns

Round Columns

Exterior Columns