Commercial Railings

When it comes to designs and renovations on commercial properties, the most durable, cost-effective, and attractive solutions are required. Railings are no exception. It is important to have railings that look good, save money, and—most importantly—provide safety for people on your property.

Aluminum railings are the premier solution for commercial properties. Aluminum railings are more durable, resistant, and economical than wood, steel, iron, or vinyl models.

CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass has been an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of low-maintenance aluminum railings since 1989. We are recognized in our field for providing superior products that can meet the needs of any commercial property or application.

Our aluminum railings can be used effectively with multi-storey buildings, wheelchair and accessibility ramps, cement staircases, industrial walk-out units, balconies, restaurant patios, and other common commercial applications.

All of our railings are designed and manufactured in Canada, ensuring they are of the highest quality and standards. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not ship in our products from overseas. All of our railings are manufactured in house at our facility, allowing us to create customized solutions for our commercial clients. Our custom designs can meet the requirements and specifications of your commercial property.

All of our product line is low-maintenance, rust-free, and able to withstand extremes of weather, temperature, and use. Our railings do not rot or warp, do not require paint or regular upkeep, and are able to be used in any outdoor application. Our aluminum railings completely eliminate the need for expensive or time-consuming upkeep, allowing your staff and resources to be put towards other uses.

At CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass, our focus isn’t just on providing railings with superior durability and extended lifespans; we also provide railings in sleek designs that can match the look of any commercial property. We are the only provider of aluminum railings with a lamb’s tongue design in the GTA, providing the elegance of iron wrought railings with an enhanced durability and resistance.

CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass is fully capable of handling the entire process, from design and manufacturing to delivery and installation. Our team of experienced professionals can meet your deadlines to deliver quality product and installation that exceeds industry standards.

CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass can also work with your business or organization to develop customized solutions that are designed specifically for your needs.

Whatever your commercial application is, contact CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass to find out how we can find the right solution for your project.