Privacy Panels

For many homeowners, an outdoor living space is a place of solace. It allows you to enjoy your garden and landscape, soak up some sun on a warm summer afternoon or even entertain family and friends. You want to be able to enjoy the view, whatever it may be, without necessarily being viewed in return. Regardless of how great your outdoor space may be or how lush you garden and landscape looks, one issue still remains: there’s not a lot of outdoor privacy in most neighbourhoods these days. You can’t help but feel exposed every now and then.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space either alone or with family and friends, we at CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass have a solution: Privacy Panels.

Outdoor spaces have become an exciting way for homeowners to create a comfortable area outside for both entertaining and relaxation. But unlike living spaces that are traditionally indoors, outdoor spaces are not always as secluded. Installing privacy panels, however, will ensure you maintain that sense of comfort, while also remaining private.

Whether you live in a chic urban neighbourhood or on a large property, our privacy panels—made of aluminum with glass panels or aluminum with natural tongue and groove cedar—will protect you from the outdoor elements and also privatize your outdoor living space.

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