CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass Weighs in on Waterfront Renovations

Woodbridge, Canada, March 9, 2016 – CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass (www.CPLRailings.ca), a Canadian manufacturer of aluminum and glass railings for both luxury and general home properties, is commenting on new waterfront renovations that are taking place as part of Toronto’s revitalization of the Harbourfront.

Both the City of Toronto and several condominium developers are taking part in a beautification of the popular Harbourfront region, renovating unsightly building facades and community spaces. While the area is located on prime real estate—sitting right off of Lake Ontario—the buildings and architecture have long been regarded as “eye sores.” (Source: Infantry, A., “Harbourfront’s drab towers go contemporary – but there are still the Three Ugly Sisters,” Toronto Star web site, February 26, 2016; http://www.thestar.com/business/economy/2016/02/26/what-to-do-with-torontos-three-ugly-sisters-more-renovations-coming-to-the-harbourfront.html.)

“Interior design gets a lot of attention, but outdoor design is just as important,” says Lucio Campolongo, sales manager at CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass. “More people are now recognizing that exterior appearance is important for the value of a property. In this case, you have an area that really should be one of the most prime spots in the city, right along the waterfront, but it’s seen as run-down and unattractive.”

The Harbourfront area attracts over 17 million visitors each year, making it the second-biggest tourist attraction in Toronto. Despite this, condo buildings in the community have gained negative attention for their outdated facades. As well, the Harbourfront area has drawn criticism for its number of industrial lots, parking lots, and poorly maintained community spaces.

“Regular maintenance and renovation is crucial for outdoor spaces,” says Campolongo. “A lot of these buildings may have looked fine back when they were initially designed, but they need to be maintained and kept in good condition. Damage occurs over time.”

Two Harbourfront condo buildings recently underwent a $30 million renovation with new windows and improved common areas. While this means higher costs for condo owners, several residents have reported that they welcome higher costs in exchange for the improvements.

“Exterior appearance adds value to the property,” notes Campolongo. “Nobody likes spending on renovations, but a good renovation actually makes a property more valuable. Even a new facade, with windows and railings, could dramatically increase the value of these condo units.”

The City is planning on improving several public Harbourfront areas, including the Peter Street Basin. The inlet, which features rusted railings, floating debris, and graffiti, will be transformed into a community patio space.

“The inlet currently uses iron railings, which end up rusting very quickly,” says Campolongo. “Switching those for rust-proof aluminum railings, which can be designed to look like iron, would ensure the space looks better for years to come and requires less upkeep. It’s little things like this that could help make a big difference.”

There are also plans for a new children’s playground, revamped ferry docks, and park space. Whatever changes are made, Campolongo says that it’s crucial the City keep an eye to the future and think about how the new additions will look in 10 years.

“They need to be using designs, materials, and renovations that will last,” says Campolongo. “That means focusing on things that require minimal maintenance and add functional value to the space. If they make the right decisions, they could really increase the value of the whole neighbourhood.”

CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass  has been a premier manufacturer of speciality aluminum and glass railings for home renovations and luxury properties. Their innovative railings provide sleek design with enhanced durability and security. More information can be found at www.CPLRailings.ca.