CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass Provides Outdoor Renovation Tips for Patio Season

Woodbridge, Canada, May 11, 2016 – CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass (www.CPLRailings.ca), a Canadian manufacturer of aluminum and glass railings for both luxury and general home properties, is providing outdoor renovation tips just in time for patio season.

With warming weather across Ontario, CBC, the Toronto Sun, and other media outlets have announced the start of “patio season.” Businesses have opened up their patios for the summer, while newspaper columns have begun offering homeowners tips for their exterior design. (Source: Deane, N., “Plan to have the perfect patio,” Toronto Sun, April 22, 2016; http://www.torontosun.com/2016/04/22/plan-to-have-the-perfect-patio.)

“Patio season is a great time to think about outdoor renovations,” says Lucio Campolongo sales manager at CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass. “With the start of the summer renovation season, homeowners can expect to enjoy their patio, deck, or outdoor space before the end of the season. More people are starting to realize the benefits of using outdoor space as an extension of their homes.”

In a Toronto Sun article, columnist Natalie Deane recommends homeowners make use of nature when considering their outdoor space. Gardens, landscaping, and greenery can all add style and comfort to patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces. (Source: Ibid.)

“It’s ideal to choose the spots with the best views, and that changes from home to home,” Campolongo explains. “In the case of a landscaped backyard with a garden or greenery, then that may be the best spot for a patio or deck. However, the front of the house may have a beautiful view from the second floor and so making that a more prime outdoor space.”

In the Sun article, Deane also recommends homeowners carefully consider how they will be using the space. If parties, get-togethers, or barbecues are going to bring guests over, then the design of the outdoor space has to reflect that.

“Decks and patios make great spots for relaxation and for entertaining guests,” Campolongo notes. “A large patio, gives homeowners lots of options as to how they wish to utilize their outdoor space. Railings can be used to shape the space for its ideal use. There are a lot of ways you can get creative with patios and have them add to the look of a home.”

Outdoor furniture and décor can also have a big impact on the look of patios. Deane suggests rattan and wicker furniture for their natural look, but recommends overhangs or pergolas to protect them from the elements.

“The ideal choice is a décor material that can resist all weather conditions,” Campolongo adds. “For instance, not only can wooden railings, chairs, and tables become unsightly when they decay, but they can also become safety hazards. Aluminum and glass railings and furnishings can last for decades with little maintenance and can be a great-looking addition for patios.”

According to Deane, homeowners should put a lot of thought into what they want to achieve before splurging on renovations and design. That said, patios should be designed to meet the home’s specific details, style, intended purpose, and climate.

“Every patio needs its own design,” Campolongo concludes. “Speak with manufacturers and renovators to find out what they can do for each home. Homeowners need to treat each outdoor space with the same care and thought that would be put into the interior. A professional can help find the right option that works for each home.”

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