Top Outdoor Renovation Trends of 2016

Woodbridge, Canada, May 13, 2016 – CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass (www.CPLrailings.ca), a Canadian manufacturer of aluminum and glass railings for both luxury and general home properties, is commenting on the top outdoor renovation trends for 2016.

An article in Microcap Magazine outlined some of the top outdoor design trends for homeowners in 2016. With renewed interest in using outdoor spaces, homeowners have been pursuing several renovation trends to enhance their homes. (Source: Atencio, K. “Top Trends for Upgrading the Outdoor Space,” Microcap Magazine web site, February 23, 2016; http://microcapmagazine.com/2016-02-23-top-trends-for-upgrading-the-outdoor-space/.)

“Outdoor spaces are being paid the same attention as indoor spaces,” says Lucio Campolongo, sales manager at CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass. “We’ve seen a big shift in recent years, with more homeowners pursuing renovations for their home exteriors and backyards. People understand that not only does this increase the value of their home, but it also enhances their own lifestyle.”

According to Microcap Magazine, one of the top trends this year is outdoor rooms. Outdoor rooms create living spaces in backyard or front yard areas, using all-weather furnishings to create areas for relaxation, studying, work, or dining.

“A deck used to just have a couple deck chairs, but now people are transforming them into rooms of their own right,” says Campolongo. “As long as you use all-weather materials, such as aluminum or vinyl, you can create a fully functioning living space on your deck. A lot of people also use columns with overhangs so that they can use these spaces even during poor weather.”

Many of these outdoor rooms are being made into backyard kitchens. According to the report, pizza ovens, cooking islands, and even weather-resistant cabinetry are being used to bring fine food and dining to the outdoors.

“Patios are the perfect spot for outdoor kitchens,” says Campolongo. “They’re already commonly used for barbecuing, but we’re starting to see people explore other options too. It’s hard to design an indoor space that can match the beauty of the outdoors, so outdoor dining is a popular option for the summer months.”

Another big trend noted in 2016 is railings for decks and patios. Custom designs are now available that can enhance home exteriors and add style for a lower cost than other renovations.

“You want to find railings that look great but are also functional,” notes Campolongo. “A lot of railings can become damaged by the weather, which is why aluminum railings are becoming a more popular option. They can match any style or design, and they have a very long lifespan compared to wood or metal railings.”

While most of the top trends center around adding luxury and functionality to outdoor spaces, the magazine also notes that more homeowners are opting for practical renovation choices. One of the trends is low-maintenance options that do not require regular upkeep.

“It’s important for homeowners to think about how much time and money they’ll be spending on regular maintenance,” says Campolongo. “There are variety of low-maintenance materials, products, and designs that can save people time and money. One of the realities of outdoor spaces is that they are exposed to the weather. Whatever renovation you pursue, you need to consider the weather.”

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