CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass Comments on Hidden Dangers of Railings

Woodbridge, Canada, April 14, 2016 – CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass (www.CPLRailings.ca), a Canadian manufacturer of aluminum and glass railings for both luxury and general home properties, is commenting on the hidden dangers that railings can pose to the public.

Railings are essential for ensuring safety and preventing falls on decks, patios, and balconies on both public and private property. However, a recent article in WND has raised concerns over the hidden dangers of poorly maintained railings. (Source: Unruh, B., “Is Your Wooden Deck or Balcony About to Kill You?,” WND, April 03, 2016; http://www.wnd.com/2016/04/is-your-wooden- deck-or-balcony-about-to-fail/.)

“Railings are intended for safety but they can easily become safety concerns if they aren’t maintained properly,” says Lucio Campolongo, sales manager at CPL Aluminum Railings & Glass. “They don’t get front-page headlines, but almost every day, there’s a news report about someone falling from a balcony or becoming stuck in a railing. It’s really sad, but most people aren’t aware of the danger.”

The WND article outlines a few cases where damaged railings or decks collapsed, causing multiple deaths and injuries. In both cases, water damage was found to be the cause of the incidents.

“Wood railings are popular, but they also rot,” says Campolongo. “When wooden railings are exposed to rain, snow, and moisture, they become damaged very quickly. Probably the most common cause of these accidents are rotted railings and decks. It’s a serious safety concern.”

In fact, a U.S. report on consumer safety singled out wooden railings and decks as a major cause of injuries and accidents. In a five-year period, problems with railings, decks, and similar structures were responsible for over 200,000 injuries nationwide. The report recommends regular inspection for property owners.

“If you choose wooden railings or decks, then you need to be doing maintenance every single year,” notes Campolongo. “That means regular inspections, as well as hiring specialists to come check out the structural integrity every once in a while. Even if your deck looks great, there can be hidden problems underneath.”

According to the WND article, property owners can also end up being held liable for any injuries or deaths that occur on their property. In some cases, they may even be criminally prosecuted.

“Ultimately, property owners are responsible,” says Campolongo. “They really need to be taking steps to prevent this issue. It’s not just to protect them from liability, but it’s also important for their own safety. These accidents do happen.”

Campolongo says there are multiple options available to homeowners that want to ensure the safety of their decks and railings. According to Campolongo, the safety and maintenance of one’s deck and railings depends on the material used.

“You can use maintenance-free railings, such as those made from aluminum and glass,” says Campolongo. “These railings are weather-resistant, so they are much safer and require less upkeep than other types. These type of railings have been designed to combat this problem.”

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